Charmaine Sinclair-Palmer




From  Poverty to Purpose

Charmaine Sinclair-Palmer was born in Kingston, located in the tropical island of Jamaica.  She was born into poverty and had little to no control over her quality of life. In spite of her family's financial lack, Charmaine’s parents knew the power of education and were integral in ensuring that she received the foundation necessary to propel her towards a more fulfilling future.  Charmaine's journey wasn't an easy road, but she has learned, “silver and gold shall vanish away, but a good education shall never decay”.


The Heart of a Caregiver

Charmaine developed a passion for helping others and started volunteering her time at Maxfield Park Children’s Home in Jamaica at the age of 16.  Maxfield Park Children’s Home is one of the oldest orphanages in Jamaica that caters to the care and protection for children from birth to the age of 18.  As a teenager, Charmaine had a unique and irreplaceable zeal for the welfare of children.  Instead of going to parties, she would venture to Maxfield Park after school, on weekends and during summer holidays to ensure the children were given the best care possible.  Her desire extended beyond the gates of Maxfield Park as she challenged herself in caring for the elderly through evangelism work at various religious organizations.  She provided support in areas of hospitality, preparing meals, feeding, and grooming


Educational Studies
Charmaine's formative years were instrumental in her attaining her Bachelor's in Business Administration from Strayer University upon migrating to the United States of America in 2007.  

Leadership driven by the passion to serve

Charmaine is seen as an innate leader; as she did not allow her poverty stricken childhood to quench her yearning to make a positive impact on society.  She assumed many tasks in her quest to build confidence and to provide a sense of purpose for all.  Her tasks include: 


  • using her home as a study hall for students who did not have a good environment at home.  

  • empowering single mothers with the educational resources to move from rent to ownership. 

  • overseeing back-to-school drives for children in Jamaica and Florida.

  • temporarily using her home to assists needy mothers to house their children.

Charmaine is a devoted wife and mother, and still enthusiastically and wholeheartedly lends herself to the needs of others.  Her love for charity is still the driving force that keeps her giving back to the community.